Crystal art objects are totally new and unique products that we prepare using the Crystal Painting Technique.

The finest Swarovski crystals enhance jewelry items and souvenirs; your gifts for family and friends flash like diamonds. Even the most ordinary items take on a new value and meaning when adorned with that special flare of crystals that other items lack.

We ensure that all pieces are made from the highest quality raw materials, which we obtain from the best sources so as to meet the premier standards of Crystal products. These objects are hand-decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals by our team of artisans, who are particularly skilled in this intricate form of art.

The Crystal Painting Technique was developed in conjunction with Swarovski, an Austrian company that is most famous for itīs brilliant crystals since 1892.

All Crystal products come in their own special packaging and with its original certificate of authenticity. Our designers constantly generate new art creations and a very limited production series under the Crystal Art signature.

Experience the magic of Crystal products in your own home or office. Also, find out more about our production capabilities and the possibilities of working together with us as a retailer of our exclusive Crystal products.